To explore stories through an artistic journey that is spontaneous, imaginative, and intellectually complex.


B.J. Evans | Artistic Producer
Donald Etheridge | Producer
Ryan Pointer | Resident Director

Mostly a Theatre Company

Barton Booth is mostly a theatre company based in Brooklyn, NY. We say “mostly” because we love theatre, our lives revolve around making theater....but the stories we tell and the people we collaborate with are not limited to one medium. Life on this planet requires each of us to create space for our disparate beliefs, views, experiences, and attitudes. If we are all on a journey, the work we do with Barton Booth is an exploration of how we collectively make that journey. The collective creation of a life or of art. We aim to produce work that is larger than any one single intention or idea. Our theatre work is emotionally and intellectually engaging. We develop shows that allow audiences to create their own meaning, to find their own way through. Our plays are highly physical and intellectually rigorous. 

However, we aren’t strictly limited to theatre. Stories require a plurality and a spaciousness that is fed by exploring other mediums. Barton Booth reaches into longform journalism, print publications, podcasting, and graphic novels (and whatever else seems appropriate) to find the best ways to tell certain stories. Barton Booth is about finding new and better structures to make sense of ourselves and the world around us.