Free space for artists to make and show vital work.

Over the course of 9 weeks this summer, Barton Booth has invited a wide range of artists to develop original work in a 150-year old house in Nolan Park on Governors Island. 

These artists will work on the island from Monday through Friday, developing original work through discovery and collaboration. On Saturday and Sunday, these groups will present their works-in-progress to the public in three showings each day (12pm, 1pm, & 3pm).

Our goal is to provide space for directors and creators to explore and practice their craft, and just need a room and an audience to try out their work. This residency emphasizes devising, choreographic and physical storytelling, text development with actors, staging rehearsals, crafting theatrical moments, and more. 


July 25 - 31:  Roseanna Bell [Dance]
"I'm looking to create a site specific dance theater piece involving my own choreography, 3-6 dancers and music composed by local musicians. Focusing on issues that arise during the creative process, I will explore how I overcome these issues through varying styles of dance." 

August 1 - 7: Theresa Elwell + collaborators [Dance]
"A collaborative, interdisciplinary creative pursuit involving dance, voice, music, and textiles. By allowing our stories and histories to intersect and collide, we will be charged by new responses and interactions with ourselves, the group, and our surroundings. We will dive deeply into our human conditioning, exposing both our hidden agendas and identities as we explore an array of artistic and relational dynamics."

August 8 - 14: Estefanía Fadul + Jessika Doyel [Theatre]
"We’re interested in exploring the human relationship with time and the maturation of the body, incorporating floral masks as a central design element in the storytelling due to their inherently transient nature. We will bring together a group of actors of different ages and genders to collaborate with a theatre director, floral artist, and musician. Together, we will devise work exploring the different relationships and present perspectives towards growing older (both in conjunction with oneself and in community with others)."

August 15 - 21: Nikki Przasnyski + collaborators [Theatre]
"With dark humor, poetic movement and music, THE ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY, a theatrical remix of Robert Burton's epic 17th treatise of the same name, cracks open the heart of depression, anxiety, mania, and everything in between. By juxtaposing Burton's original text and the words of contemporary sufferers of mental illness, THE ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY asks whether contemporary chemicals and couches have gotten us any closer to the truth of melancholy than the blood-letting and exorcisms of Burton's era."

August 22 - 28: Jessica Morgan + Jean LeBec [Theatre]
"Jean LeBec is a Brooklyn based storyteller who I will be collaborating with to move her pieces from the traditional storytelling format to a more dynamic theatrical narrative. We will be crafting three of her most successful stories into one piece with dialogue and movement. "

August 29 - Sept 4: Aubrey Saverino + collaborators [Theatre]
"Daughters of Troy is a collaboration between theatre and visual artists that uses classical text, visual art, music, dance and current events to explore female archetypes through the lens of the Trojan War. A diverse ensemble of artists will create several short pieces, each focused on a different character and could be anything from Cassandra singing her cryptic predictions about the Trojan Horse, Iphigenia telling stand-up jokes, or Helen of Troy battling internet trolls. In the end, the entire project would be a kaleidoscope of stories and art inspired by these compelling women that stand on their own and in relationship to each other."

September 5 - 11: Ryan Pointer + Barton Booth [Theatre]
"We will look to spend a week blurring the lines between words and movement and music, ultimately devising the framework for a theater piece about The Great Filter. The Great Filter is a scientific theory that basically says there is some stage in the long evolutionary process that is extremely unlikely or impossible for life to get beyond. It is an aspect of a larger question about whether or not we are alone in the universe. That we have no proof we aren’t alone is a great silence that has informed and shaped the human condition, possibly resulting in two of our most defining traits: war and art."

September 12 - 18: Christian Amato [Theatre]
"I have been writing a contemporary theatrical adaptation of H.G. Wells 1895 book, The Time Machine. Focusing on the effects of time, and the ultimate degeneracy of society."

September 19 - 25: Akia Squitiera + Rising Sun Performance Company [Theatre]
"Henry’s Wives, a new play, explores the fascinating history of the unheard voices of the 6 wives of Henry VIII.  Often considered unfortunate victims, meet the six women who helped shape the world we live in today. From fashion to warfare, these women helped guide their husband’s hand. Some met tragic ends, while others triumphed quietly,fighting for survival in a ruthless Tudor court.  We aim to bring their long silent voices to light."